Paintings by Dawn

4 Aug

Dawn O’Connell-Forte is a resident of Rhode Island “Ocean State”.  You can check her weekly paintings consisting of contemporary landscape/figure, still life, and everyday popular culture themes. Through light, color rhythm, love and a race against time Dawn is determined to create paintings that bring warmth and sunshine to your humble abode wherever that may be.



She holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and has been teaching in the public schools for 10 years. Dawn has hopes and dreams for her students, that they develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts and that they will seek higher education that involves a journey connected to the arts. She is a member of the National Art Education Association, the Portsmouth Arts Guild, Daily Painters of RI and Contemporary Fine Arts Inspirational artists that stay etched in Dawn’s mind are American born Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, and Georgia O’Keeffe. Artists that are still alive who inspire her today are Samuel Ames, Gerry Perrino, Kathy Weber and many more. Dawn sends out a special thanks to all the dedicated professors at Rhode Island College Art Education department who continue to make a difference and inspire the young art educators of this fine state!

THE CITY ART FESTIVAL – 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

We are looking forward to our next festival, The City Art Festival on August 6, 2011!!

The City Art Festival is proud to be sponsered by Webster Bank along with City of Providnce, Cardi’s Furniture, RI MonthlyWhole FoodsNatural Awakenings, Yelp and Cat Country-WCTK.


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