Venetian Sea Glass from Murano, Italy

2 Apr

Do you collect sea glass? If you do, you know what a special and rare treat it is to find one of those gems from the sea. Imagine having a business that requires you to comb some of the most beautiful beaches in the world…

Gary de Blois is a graphic designer, amateur photographer, jewelry maker, and a lifelong beachcomber. His sea glass collecting hobby weaves together all these passions and he now gets to plan “business trips” to places like California, Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Gary DeBlois collecting sea glass in Cayucos, CA

Gary DeBlois collecting sea glass in Cayucos, CA

We featured Gary and his sea glass business, Just Beachy Keen on our blog almost two years ago and it continues to be on of our most popular blog posts today. Sea glass collecting is a hot topic! So I thought I would check in with Gary to see what he has been up to lately…

Gary's pendants made from Murano sea glass!

Gary’s pendants made from Murano sea glass!

Gary works with genuine sea glass found on beaches around the world. While he does travel to collect sea glass, he also purchases from other collectors that he has met at various sea glass festivals. Most recently, he has been working with Murano sea glass from Italy.

Lately, I have been making pendants using glass found by a scuba diver off the island of Murano, in Venice, Italy. Murano has been known as the glass making capital of the world for hundreds of years!

We meet people from around the world who have amazing sea glass, and we now have friends in England, France, Italy and Greece just to name a few. Now we just need to find time to visit them all! – Gary DeBlois


In his youth, Gary began sea glass collecting while spending summers on the coast.  This is where his passion for beach combing began. Those zen moments spent strolling the beach, enjoying the sights, sounds and scent of the ocean… ahhhh… tonic for the soul. Finding sea glass, in its myriad of shapes and colors, was like treasure hunting to Gary. At days end, these beachy gems were brought home, and placed in jars as keepsakes, colorful reminders of all the fun times spent playing in the sand.


Now, he explores the coastal regions of the US as well as the world for sea glass, collecting it, photographing it and making jewelry and other whimsical objects with it. Only the most genuine sea glass is used, collected by Gary himself or his sea glass collecting cohorts. He works with sea glass as it is found on the beach, never grinding or reshaping the glass, only occasionally drilling as required. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind, sea glass pendant, earring pair, etc.

de Blois1

You can read much more about Gary’s other pursuits and even find one of his recipes in the blog article Sea Glass Journal. But be sure to stop by the Just Beachy Keen booth at the Garden City Art Festival on June 8th and 9th to see his genuine sea glass jewelry and other works using sea glass. They will also have t-shirts, note cards and photography that follows the sea glass collecting theme.

The Sea Glass Stoop in Cayucos

The Sea Glass Stoop in Cayucos

Check out Gary’s online magazine for sea glass collectors at and his Etsy store for sea glass jewelry at

Garden City Art Festival 2013

Garden City Art Festival 2013

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