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Wendy Baker Jewelry in the MFA Gift Shop!

25 Jun

If you’ve been to any of Festival Fete’s art festivals, surely you have seen the unique, hand painted, up-cycled floral jewelry made by Wendy Baker. Wendy has been a loyal Festival Fete artist vendor since it’s beginning, and a visit to her garden (booth) is always a pleasure, both visually and conversationally.

Wendy Baker Design

I recently learned that her jewelry was selected to be a part of the prestigious retail venue of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts gift shop! Festival Fete is so excited about this new opportunity for Wendy, so we asked her to share a little with our readers about her experiences. I’m sure you will enjoy her humor and insight on being an artist and vendor at an art festival.

Wendy Baker Design

This is so exciting for you! How did your collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts Boston come together?

I hired David Riordan of Ready Set Go Consulting, as my wholesale representative, and the buyer from the MFA saw my work and ordered some items through David. It was a dream (I had no idea I had) come true. Many years ago, I took courses at the museum school (School of the Museum of Fine Arts) and so it is a fond memory and honor for me to be affiliated with the MFA.

BakerD2 azure

Which pieces did you select to send to MFA Gift Shop?

They took some of my best sellers, flower necklaces that are suspended from chains made with vintage leucite beads, mixed flower earrings, rings and pins too. The good thing is that I never duplicate anything, so I can be sure that it will be fresh stock.

Wendy Baker Design

What are the materials that you use to make your jewelry?

I start my process much like the center of the yellow brick road in Munchkin-land; I start with flowers. They are created using vintage flower pieces from the 1960’s which I hand paint, compose into flower layers one at a time, connect the pieces together and then make into individual jewelry items such as rings, brooches, earrings, etc. It is all highly labor intensive, but ask any gardener and the success of their plot is determined by the amount of time spent tending to it.

Bakerrings for her fingers.B

Can you tell us a little about your experience and relationship with Festival Fete?

Festival Fete is a favorite show to do… for a variety of reasons:

BakerinBoothFirstly, I participated in the first show in garden city (unbelievably only 3 years ago) and while the weather was terrible and I fell down and like a little kid, skinned my knees badly, I had a super experience!

The show is close to home, so traveling to any Festival Fete show is a dream… I am prone to getting lost on my way to every show!

The customers are what I refer to as “my people”. They get my sense of humor and coloring/styling of things… as well as me as an artist. This is really great, when the whole job can sometimes feel isolating and stressful.

And finally, Jennifer, David and the entire group of Festival Fete-rs are so supportive, kind, and interested in us succeeding as artists. It can take those jangly nerves away, that sometimes come with setting up a booth all the way to breaking it down. Many folks who participate in shows, are trying to reach for the next great idea and how to make it happen. It is incredibly great to know that there is always a safety net underneath me.  It affords me a great level of comfort when I add all these components together.


Thanks Wendy! We love having Wendy Baker Design at our shows and appreciate you sharing your story with our readers. If you are an artist and haven’t yet applied for a 2013 Festival Fete show, there is still time! Visit Festival Fete’s website for more information about being a vendor at one of our upcoming shows.

East Greenwich Art Festival

Wakefield Art Festival

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The Festival Fete Experience

2 Oct

FETE: a festive celebration of entertainment.

Have you experienced a Festival Fete? It’s true that Festival Fete is an art festival – but there are so many layers to a Festival Fete that make it a different kind of festival…it’s an experience. “This is not your grandmother’s art festival!” says Jennifer Neuguth, who created Festival Fete two years ago.


Sure, at a Festival Fete you can buy one of a kind, exquisite works of art from local artists, have a nosh on some delicious goodies from one of the specialty food vendors, let your kids make some really cool crafts at the Creation Station, listen to music, watch amazing street performers, have your picture taken in the Smashing Photo booth, and more…but the true beauty and essence of a Festival Fete is that you walk away feeling like you have experienced a truly unique event.

My family and I walked away from the East Greenwich Art Festival (produced by Festival Fete) fully entertained, happy and inspired to create. Clay, glue, paper, paint and various ephemera were spread out all over the table for our creations. Dinner was delayed until we all felt complete in our work. This, to me, is the magic of a Festival Fete experience. And I was thankful to have that joy carry over from a wonderful day into my home and family.

Several weeks later in a conversation with a friend, I learned of another family who had been inspired creatively after a day at the festival. So I began to think about how unique that experience is, and I talked with other families about the festival and what a lasting impression it made upon them.

“What I loved most about the fair was watching our kids get so inspired by all the different artists and their work. Seeing the children (artists) selling their work really got the wheels turning in their heads. (Learn more about the Young Artists Booths and how they support Art is Smart) They came home and immediately started working on boiled wool acorns, getting the whole neighborhood involved.  I loved how contagious their enthusiasm was!” says Rebecca Stearns, East Greenwich mom and photographer.

Felted acorns photo by Robyn Ivy Photography.

Rebecca brought a friend along with their children all ages 8 and up, and mentioned how the older kids really had fun with the photo booth brought by Smashing Photo Booth Rentals.  She is already planning to attend the Festival Fete’s Holiday Market in Garden City on December 1st so that she can purchase one of Autumn Olive‘s handmade skirts that she admired at the East Greenwich Art festival.

Rebecca Stockdill, from Warwick, brought her two kids, ages 5 and 7 and her parents to the East Greenwich Art Festival.  Rebecca is a crafty girl herself (she creates whimsical “Amigurumi“, which are crocheted anthropomorphic creatures) so she enjoyed so many of the handmade crafts but her kids couldn’t get enough of the Big Nazo performers.  “They (the kids) could have followed Big Nazo around for hours!

The kids also really enjoyed the Creation Station where they made their own silk-screened t-shirts and paper and ribbon flags that they could take home. I like how recycled items were incorporated into some of the crafts”. Rebecca and her family had discovered Festival Fete for the first time last June at the Garden City Art Festival, and she says that they will “definitely plan to attend future events. Unlike other festivals that we’ve attended, it is obvious that the planner (Jennifer Neuguth) put a lot of effort into making this a true family event”.

When Jennifer and her husband David Riordan conceived of the Festival Fete experience…this was precisely their hope. Their inspired vision has created a one-of-a-kind event that we can all look forward to.

So, have you experienced a Festival Fete? If you have, please tell us about what part of the experience resonated most with you and your family and prepare for the next festive celebration coming up on December 1st and 2nd!

We would like to thank one of our fabulous sponsors, a wonderful photographer!