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Support Local Art & Entertainment!

23 Jun

We are getting ready for our first Newport Hullabaloo of the Summer and we can’t wait to see you there!

 Come out to the Newport Yachting Center on June 27th at Sunset (5:30-9:30PM) and join us for local arts and entertainment in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island

The more we learn about our participating artists, the more we want to share with you!

TEN31, a Rhode Island native company specializing in living art installations will be at the Newport Hullabaloo on June 27th!

We think what these guys do is pretty amazing and we think you will too! Check out what we learned…

TEN31 Productions


Who or what is the main inspiration behind your work? 
Nature (for our Human Nature Collection) , Mythology and classic sculpture for our living statues. We relish in the opportunity to bring the characters, creatures and demigods from our childhood stories to life in modern times.
Was there a particular instance that helped you to realize your love for the arts? 
I have been an artist all my life, my mom handmade all of my Halloween costumes as a kid. We were always busy making pretend, art has always been in my blood.
What is the medium/genre you enjoy working with the most? 
Making fantastical costumes out of all sorts of materials is the best job in the world! We use pretty much every kind of material possible, fabric, paint, cardboard, rope, etc. We all have permanent glue gun blisters.
In what way do you hope your art form in general will affect the world? 
Everyone in the world today is extremely busy. We have the ability to stop people in their tracks, inviting them to pause, if only for a minute, and take a trip back in time to when they themselves would make pretend. Often its children that stop their parents and point at us, they can usually see the magic thats happening before their parents do.
Who is your favorite artist/performer and why? 
We are inspired by anyone who steps out of the box and is brave enough to march to the beat of their own drummer!
Tell us something you feel makes your personal art form truly unique. 
Normally when someone goes to see a theatrical performance, they are seated and the performer is on stage. There is a huge distance between them. When someone attends an event with a TEN31 Performance, they are encouraged to interact with us. This one on one energy exchange is absolutely unique and we feel that it is one of the main reasons why we have become so successful. Its an absolute MUST to get your photo taken with us!
How long does it take to get ready? Where do you get your costumes?  
It takes us 2 hours to get ready and all of our costumes are handmade at TEN31’s workshop in Pawtucket RI.
Check out TEN31 online and see them live at the Newport Hullabaloo on June 27th, you won’t want to miss it!

Ten31 Productions – They Make Pretend

24 Jun

TEN31 specializes in the highest quality hand-crafted living art installations for special events, weddings, public festivals, and corporate functions.

The company began one evening on the banks of the Providence River during a fall Waterfire,  an internationally known art installation in RI. That night, Eric Auger and Joe Pari, founders of TEN31, performed as two captivating Gargoyles, their first creation. The response for the two on that crisp evening was a eureka moment, the beginning of a new dream.

The reaction from those around them was just as powerful. From that moment, nearly a decade ago, TEN31 grew from a simple, powerful idea: art can be brought to life and provide emotionally inspiring entertainment.

The human form is TEN31’s canvas. Designing and producing exquisite pieces based on historic and mythological references, and drawing inspiration from exploring the ancient periods of Egyptian & Greco-Roman to modern art movements of deco and futurist styles.  

Over the years, TEN31 has grown exponentially. The collection currently includes hundreds of one-of-a kind pieces and installations, and TEN31 have been honored to perform at hundreds of prestigious social and corporate events throughout the United States.

Like the pieces and installations TEN31 create, the company continues to grow and transform itself, driven by that simple and powerful idea born ten years ago.

This is TEN31. They Make Pretend.

Look out for TEN31 as they will make their next appearance at The East Greenwich Art Festival on September 3, 2011!!

But until then…

We are looking forward to our next festival, The City Art Festival on August 6, 2011!!

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