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Luscious Lux Aromatica

21 Oct

Just about every household has a scented candle burning these days. But did you ever think about what’s in that candle?

I think that the most motivating factor when someone selects a gourmet candle is scent, right? Well imagine if your favorite scent is lavender or coffee…and you have a candle burning that contains the actual essential oils from the lavender plant or coffee bean? That is exactly what you get when you burn a Lux Aromatica candle, hand-made by Kerensa Bertolino in her home-based candle kitchen in Newport, Rhode Island.

Lux Aromatica products (soy candles, soaps, perfumes, salves, bath salts and more) are made with natural waxes, botanical carrier oils and butters, essential oils for fragrance and vegetable-based preservatives for the skincare products. They are free of synthetic fragrance oils, added colors or other artificial ingredients. All ingredients are purchased from suppliers here in the United States.

Not only does Kerensa manufacture the candles by hand, she designs her labels and makes every effort to keep her packaging minimal, reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Her label design is inspired by nature, art, smell and texture.

I design my fragrances from essential oils, blending them into sophisticated, interesting perfumes that garner a broad appeal. I’m often inspired by places I’ve visited. If a place smells amazing, I want to replicated it and put it in a bottle.

Creating products from natural ingredients is a slow, meditative process. When making candles, soaps and salves, the oils are gently stirred into the molten wax or soap, then hand-poured in small batches for each fragrance. Tempering, blending, and pouring all must happen at particular temperatures, for certain amounts of time, to make each individual candle come out just right.

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Featured Artist: Meredith Birch

16 Oct

Meet Meredith Birch, an artist who generously shares her dedication, knowledge and passion for art making with her students. Meredith is a perfect fit with Festival Fete because of our common goal and commitment to make art available to everyone in the community.

Extending the classroom into the community helps to make connections between local programs, businesses, and museums, allowing open communication and learning opportunities” says Meredith.

This may be because she has been making art for as long as she can remember. She grew up within an arts culture and is constantly looking for new learning opportunities… “the act of creation has always been a powerful outlet for me to express myself, learn and experiment”.

Meredith is  a full-time art teacher for a nonprofit working with at risk youth. She is also the owner of Birch Fine Art Studio, which offers artwork, private classes, workshops and art parties. She describes her artwork as “an exploration of the various experiences we have throughout our lives. In my work, I use bold color, movement, contrast and symbolism to tell a story of an emotional journey. In painting these moments I am able to capture the essence of the perceived emotion. I have found that through this process I am able to appreciate it more; release it or take away a bit of knowledge to build upon in the future. In sharing my work, mutual connections are made and new stories are experienced.”

I asked Meredith makes her artwork unique, and she replied,

That’s a great question and one I as myself a lot. I would say that the reasons behind my work and how I represent them makes my work unique. For instance, in my tree series, like many before me, I use the tree as a symbol of life and the bold mood evoking background is the emotional story told for that life.  For example, in my painting “Fire in the Belly” I created a deep red, orange and yellow watercolor background to show the passionate energy one gets when they have “Fire in the Belly” and paired that with the tall vertical branches of the matte black tree showing power and resilience.

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