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New England Art Happenings This Memorial Day Weekend!

26 May

Hey Art Lovers,

Check out what’s going on this Memorial Day Weekend at the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park:

Gary Webb

This British sculptor is hosting his first ever exhibition in the United States. Known for his use of “myriad materials including steel, aluminum, glass, mirror, plastic, brass, wood, brick, spray paint, fabrics, and assorted found objects.”

“Webb creates enigmatic objects that play games with the tradition of Modernist abstraction while commenting on twenty-first century consumer culture” (deCordova.org).

Read more about Gary Webb today and see how you can plan your visit to the deCordova exhibition!

Jedediah Caesar

Have a passion for sculpture? Check out Los Angeles Native, Jedediah Caesar’s exhibition at the deCordova this Memorial Day Weekend…

Caesar’s works are created from “congealed materials that speak to process, temporality, and location in contemporary art.”

What is truly unique about Caesar’s art work is the fact that he constructs his works from various found objects.

Read more about the Jedediah Caesar exhibition today

Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and Now

This exhibition offers a new perspective on abstract photography. Unlike many art forms, this exhibition “challenges our popular view of photography as an objective image of reality by reasserting its constructed nature” (decordova.org).

These are only several of the many fascinating exhibitions happening at the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park.

Read up on other current exhibitions and plan your trip today!

We are looking forward to seeing you in just a couple short weeks at the Garden City Center Art Festival at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island!

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What’s Going on in the Art World Today?

18 Mar

Attention: Art Lovers!

Looking for something fun to do with the family on this lovely Sunday afternoon?

The deCordova sculpture park and museum in Lincoln, MA might have just what you’re looking for!

The deCordova is currently offering some pretty cool exhibitions worth checking out!

The deCordova Biennial is a “survey exhibition focused on emphasizing the quality and variety of work rather than any single or overarching theme” (http://www.decordova.org/art/exhibition/2012-decordova-biennial).

This exhibition displays artwork from artists throughout New England and works toward creating a “diverse range of approaches to media and content”(www.decordova.org).

You can check out participating artists here

Just a quick glimpse at some of the other exhibitions currently being displayed at the deCordova…

Wall Works – June 11, 2011 – April 22,2012

PLATFORM 7: Tory Fair, Testing a Worldview (Again) – July 19, 2011 – April 22,2012

Check out the rest of The deCordova’s fantastic exhibitions now!

Only a few short months until the Garden City Center Art Festival in Cranston Rhode Island and we can’t wait!

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