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Holiday Market Featured Artist: Honey Hive Handcrafts

20 Sep

Take a look at this picture. Do you see a delicious bakery treat? Think again – this is one of Laura Winward’s creations; a confection of color and wax blended with her careful hands into a candle!

Laura has had a passion for soap and candle making for many years and hopes to reach national distribution while keeping her hand in production. Like many artists, her dream is to be able to turn her craft into something she can do full time.  She got started in her business when she went to an art show and met someone who made their own bath and body products. She was intrigued, and interested in expanding her craft of making beeswax candles, so she bought the products and “was hooked on the spot”. Laura used her experience as a research scientist to develop her own unique approach to scent, color and design. “Much like artists who paint, we can all start with the same basic ingredients and come up with products that are completely unique to our own style. I’ve been selling (my products) around RI, MA and CT for better than a decade, and I haven’t seen anyone else doing bakery/food themed candles and bath products similar to mine.” says Winward.

Laura has managed to fuel her passion for her craft and channel it into several businesses – all while maintaining her “day job” as an environmental biologist. In addition to her candle and soap business, Honey Hive Handcrafts, she owns an artists’ co-operative store in Wakefield called Waves of Creation. Her store offers classes and parties for children and adults, and also features the work of other artists of all media, whom Laura considers her inspiration. She appreciates being a part of the soaping community (did you know that there is a Southern New England Soap Makers group?) that is very generous with their knowledge and expertise. When asked if there is a “fun fact” about her that we should know, it was no surprise to hear her say, “I’m addicted to cupcakes – the real ones!” because you can see the love in her creations.

Make sure to visit Laura’s booth at the Festival Fete Holiday Market on Dec. 1st and 2nd at Garden City Center to see these tempting candles. If you are an artist interested in participating in the Festival Fete’s Holiday Market, there are a few booth spaces left. Please visit www.festivalfete.com and click on the link for a vendor application.


A special thank you to one of our wonderful sponsors, Whole Foods Market of Garden City, Cranston.


The BIG Weekend is Finally Here!

31 Aug

We can’t wait to see you at the East Greenwich Art Festival this weekend at the new New England Tech Campus located on Division Rd.

Come out for wonderful local art, live entertainment by Big Nazo, local eats, kid’s activities and MORE!

Don’t miss out on this annual event!

CLICK the below video to see what’s in store!

BIG Thanks to ALL our WONDERFUL Sponsors!

Just Around the Corner…

28 Aug

Get Ready…

The East Greenwich Art Festival is just around the corner! Come out to the new New England Tech Campus in East Greenwich, Rhode Island this weekend for wonderful local art, entertainment, food and merriment for the whole family!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store…

Liv & Lov by Dora Szekely designs    StudioDDB Stained Glass Art

Transitions Jewelry Designs by Kathleen Barris     Rocklen Designs by Melissa Rocklen

 So Loved 316 by Christina Almonte     Althalia Originals by Emily Hirsch

String ‘N’ Things by Andrea Ehret      Filomena Demarco Jewelry by Ashley Vick

Chinawear by Karen J     Hiroko Art

Earth Inspired Clay Works by Brenda Gaudette    iDazz Custom Designs by Trish Kozub

Phlash Photo Art by Erin Walsh     Jonathan Almond

April Gramolini      Barefoot Henna by Donna Lyons

Back Roads by Anne Berg      Valley of the Doll by Zoe Ma


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Even MORE To Look Forward To!

27 Jul

April Gramolini     Donna Lyons

These two WONDERFUL artists will be at the East Greenwich Art Festival on September 1st and 2nd at the new New England Tech Campus in East Greenwich, Rhode Island! Will you?

Did you know that burlap sacks get discarded after the roaster empties the green unroasted beans? Artist April Gramolini makes accessories for men and women out of local roasters’ coffee bean sacks!

Since coffee sacks are made from woven strands of jute which is natural fiber in the hemp family, it doesn’t need pesticides or even fertilizer to grow, making it even more sustainable and eco-friendly when reused.

April creates wallets, belts , wristlets and more on reclaimed industrial sewing machines from the 60s. The individuality of the coffee sacks’ screen printed designs inspires her to create every single item unique and different from the last. Fabric linings are found from thrift and consignment stores as well as mill overstocks, making each wristlet and purse even more special.

 “I love the contrast when mixing feminine fabrics with rough and rugged burlap.”

 Additionally, April truly loves to hand weave with her Ashford table loom and has recently been experimenting with jute and cotton, mixing those rough and soft textures again.
Make sure to check out April online at her Etsy site and support her beautiful work by “liking” her Facebook page and of course, don’t miss her at the East Greenwich Art Festival!
Donna Lyons, aka Barefoot Henna, creates all natural body art through the use of Henna – a medium sized shrub that grows in hot, arid conditions.
For many centuries, the people of these areas, North Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, have used henna to dye their hair, beards, fingernails and skin.  It is often used in celebratory rituals, drawn on to the skin in patterns, much like tattoos, but not permanent.  The dye in the plant leaves stain the skin cells a lovely range of brown tones, and as the skin replenishes itself, the stain wears away.  Each of these regions has a unique style, for example, the Africans use very geometric, linear patterns, while others use floral motifs, and the traditional paisley type design.

“The Art itself is an inspiration, because each and every henna design, no matter how many times I’ve drawn it, comes out differently because its an ever changing canvas that is the human body.  No two are alike, it’s drawn freehand, so there’s a lot of latitude you can take.  It is always exciting to see the finished product.”

Donna mixes her own henna paste, so she can tell you exactly what is in it…
Henna powder, from harvested, dried, ground, sifted plant leaves.
Lemon juice; used since the acidity helps break down the plant fibers, thus, releasing more dye.  Sometimes teas are used. white table sugar; it helps it stick to the skin. essential oil; typically cajeputi, tea tree, or lavender; others are used, but mostly for scent.  these are monoterpene oils that also break down the plant fibers to release dye.
One important piece of advice from Donna…
Always avoid Black Henna – Do your research on it.
Donna Lyons will be at the East Greenwich Art Festival on September 1st and 2nd and we hope to see you there as well! – You won’t want to miss out!

Sneak Peak: EG Featured Artists!

24 Jul

Back Roads by Anne Berg and Valley of the Doll by Zoe Ma

Back Roads Clothing Creates t-shirts with a Rhode Island accent – celebrating Rhode Island’s unique character

Current designs include…

Rhode Island’s Official State Motto, HOPE – proud and loud on the t-shirts.

All The Way and a Coffee Milk – the perfect shirt for the Home of the Hot Wiener.

Blue State – it’s an Election year, and I think I know which way this state will vote!

Ann was inspired to create these shirts because in her opinion, there were no fun, intelligent, interesting, high-quality t-shirts that were made by and for Rhode Islanders. Her shirts are not ordinary t-shirts, they come preloaded with style, fit, and the satisfaction that comes from supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Rhode Island great!

Another great thing about these T-shirts?

Printed here, sold here, and support a micro-business, in turn, supporting other local businesses and entrepreneurs. Anne promises to spread the love!

What difference can purchasing a T-shirt do?

Plenty! $8 from the sale of every Get What You Give shirt goes to Providence Rescue Mission, making a huge difference everyday for the homeless and disadvantaged in our capitol city

Valley of the Doll

 Zoe Ma, a mostly self taught altered artist,  incorporates found objects into jewelry, shrines, and other art oddities.  She strives to make everything one of a kind, and finds great joy in amusing the viewer.

“It is a pleasure for me to recycle discarded items and to draw attention to the beauty I see in them by giving them new life.”

What inspires Zoe?

Everyday events, a past career in the field of psychology, and her mother.  She is drawn to themes of human relationships and behavior, to strong women, and to people who have been seen as odd or unique.

“There is never enough time in the day to do everything I want to do, having to get out of the “artist zone” to take care of everyday life, and needing to earn enough money to eat and pay bills.  I think my personality quirks, such as being kind of moody and distractible can be challenging, but also contribute to my life and art being full of surprises.”

Check out Back Roads by Anne Berg and Valley of the Doll by Zoe Ma at The East Greenwich Art Festival on September 1st and 2nd at the new NE Tech Campus!

HUGE Thanks to our sponsor!

East Greenwich Art Festival Coming Soon!

22 Jul

Hey Festival Go-ers! We are excited to announce that the East Greenwich Art Festival will be here before you know it and we want to share some of our lovely featured local artists…

A Dog’s Life Bakery will be there…

At It’s a Dog’s Life Bakery, they make all natural, gluten and preservative-free dog treats that people feel good about giving their dogs.  They also make stylish handmade collars and leashes, perfect for our furry friends in sizes from chihuahas to St. Bernards…

    The main inspiration behind their work is Kristin Paradis’ 170 lb.St. Bernard, Otis, a frustrated fashionista, who had nothing cute to wear!  He also suffers from various allergies, so after much research, and many delicious trials and errors, It’s a Dog’s Life Bakery was born.

     A Dog’s Life Bakery prides themselves on having the  happiest, most enthusiastic customers, who make them smile every time they stop by the booth! “Oh, and their humans are very nice too!”

Nancy Rafi will also be there…

Collage and art journaling professional, Nancy creates handbound blank art journals filled with 140# paper with fun designs and sayings on them.  The journals are unique because there are so few blank journals with this great paper, which can stand up to watercolor, acrylic, glue, collage and never bend or buckle.

Her inspiration for creating journals is the love she has for art journaling herself.  She spends at least 30 minutes every day working in her journal…and usually a lot longer!

This summer, Nancy has become involved with an international group call Art Abandonment (created by Michael and Andrea deMeng) that invites artists around the world to create art and then leave it somewhere where others can find it and take it home.  There are more than 5000 people involved in the project!  Nancy has created a giving tree in Wickford with a few dozen pieces hanging from the branches, and received three emails from people who found them and took them home.  She thinks it’s a great way to celebrate art and share it with the world and so do we!

These are only a couple of our wonderful participating artists and vendors that will be at the East Greenwich Art Festival on September 1st and 2nd at the New NE Tech Campus!

Stay tuned all week for more fun features about our artists and festivals!

Big thanks to our wonderful sponsor…

New England Art Happenings This Memorial Day Weekend!

26 May

Hey Art Lovers,

Check out what’s going on this Memorial Day Weekend at the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park:

Gary Webb

This British sculptor is hosting his first ever exhibition in the United States. Known for his use of “myriad materials including steel, aluminum, glass, mirror, plastic, brass, wood, brick, spray paint, fabrics, and assorted found objects.”

“Webb creates enigmatic objects that play games with the tradition of Modernist abstraction while commenting on twenty-first century consumer culture” (deCordova.org).

Read more about Gary Webb today and see how you can plan your visit to the deCordova exhibition!

Jedediah Caesar

Have a passion for sculpture? Check out Los Angeles Native, Jedediah Caesar’s exhibition at the deCordova this Memorial Day Weekend…

Caesar’s works are created from “congealed materials that speak to process, temporality, and location in contemporary art.”

What is truly unique about Caesar’s art work is the fact that he constructs his works from various found objects.

Read more about the Jedediah Caesar exhibition today

Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and Now

This exhibition offers a new perspective on abstract photography. Unlike many art forms, this exhibition “challenges our popular view of photography as an objective image of reality by reasserting its constructed nature” (decordova.org).

These are only several of the many fascinating exhibitions happening at the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park.

Read up on other current exhibitions and plan your trip today!

We are looking forward to seeing you in just a couple short weeks at the Garden City Center Art Festival at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island!

And of course, none of Festival Fete’s Art Happenings would be possible without our wonderful sponsors!