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Up Next: Newport Hullabalo

20 Jun

After a great run at the Garden City Center Art Festival in Cranston, Festival Fete is back in action!

Up Next: Newport Hullabaloo!

The Newport Hullabaloo will be occurring Wednesday evenings in June & July in Newport, Rhode Island beginning next week June 27th at sunset (5:30PM-9:30PM) followed by repeat occurrences on July 11& July 18

The Newport Hullabaloo is FREE to the public. Come out next week to see what all the fuss is about!

We welcome you to learn about some of our featured Newport Hullabaloo artists…

Mary King is just one that will be performing at the Newport Hullabaloo on June 27th!

We asked Mary a series of questions regarding her work and here’s what we learned…

Who or what is the main inspiration behind your work?
When the fiddle or harp are ‘playing something new’ or ‘writing’ I am just there, they know what they want to say & will do what they will. I would have to say the main inspiration behind my work must be spiritually centered, I love music & it is alive in me for some reason, I don’t know why.

Was there a particular instance that helped you to realize your love for the arts?
I suppose hearing my mother from ‘Donegal sing all her beautiful songs the time I was growing up helped me realize the love of music I was given.

What is the medium/genre you enjoy working with the most?
Music, writing poetry.

In what way do you hope your art form in general will affect the world?
I like to think that I bring people together in a happy way, I alway include people in my playing, whether it be singing along or joining in with percussion.

Who is your favorite artist/performer and why?
My favorite artist is Phil Edmunds, Irish whistle player & button accordian player because he plays with all his heart & soul & is so welcoming to all.

Tell us something you feel makes your personal art form truly unique
Irish people can never say what makes them truly unique, that would be like saying, “I’m great, I’m special” & that would mean you are full of yourself which is probably a big sin (hahah).

If Mary were to create & answer her own question…

Why do the arts exist?

So we can live in heaven while we are on earth.

Learn more about Mary by visiting her online

And make sure to see her perform live at the Newport Hullabaloo in Newport, Rhode Island at the Newport Yachting Center on Wednesday June 27th at 5:30PM

It’s Almost That Time of Year…Support GCC Art Festival Artists!

30 May

Kewt by Keelia Kentor    Heart2Heart Design by Kyle Kochiss

The Garden City Center Art Festival is right around the corner! This great art happening will be held this June 9th & 10th at the Garden City Center  in Cranston, Rhode Island. Bring the entire family for a day filled with merriment, wonderful local art work, live entertainment, food, drink, and MORE!

Live entertainment by The Toe Jam Band & The Big Nazo!

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The East Greenwich Art Festival

Happening September 1st & 2nd at the new NE Tech Campus located on Division Road in East Greenwich

You won’t want to miss this!

We would love to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors!

The Rolling Gallery

10 May

“Feeling  weighted down and stuck, wrapped up in a pile of stuff, I felt a great urge to  start fresh, to shed an old identity, and to carve an opening for something new  to enter. If all of my attachments and fears could be bound up into one giant  ball and then rolled out into the world, I would have no choice but to both let  go and follow. It would be a figurative cutting of the umbilicus, allowing me  to extend out of my insular and safe womb and into the world.”

These are the words of Artist, Heidi Reynolds in her introduction to her ever-popular Rolling Gallery

The Rolling Gallery spawned from an idea that one could re-connect with others through the removal of uncessary objects, ideas, fantasies and faults

While the ball started rolling with Heidi, she promptly invited friends and family to unleash into the ball as well, making it grow immense in size

Join artist, Heidi Reynolds at Union Square, Sommerville on May 12th from 12PM-3PM to contribute to and view the Rolling Gallery project

Bring art, art materials, mementos, and personal artifacts… Or simply listen to stories of recent contributors, see photographs of artwork already inside the ball, and watch the Rolling Gallery – a 4-foot tall ball – grow and grow

Learn more about The Rolling Gallery and check out ways you can get involved today!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Big thanks to our sponsors!

American Chain Taking an Artistic Stance on Cultural Expansion

17 Apr

Lately it seems the coffee giant Starbucks, is bombarding us with their attempt at the small-town coffee shop feel; Dim lighting, delicious brown leather couches, indie music playing in the background…

That is unless you find yourself at the Starbucks located in the small town of Dazaifu, Japan. Architect Kengo Kuma is redesigning the image of Starbucks in an attempt to add some culture to the American chain – incorporating Japan’s regional differences to complement the neighboring buildings along the road to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, a famous Japanese shrine.

This is only one amongst many cultural projects Starbucks has planned for their future as they continue to expand across the globe. Earlier this year, they opened an experimentally redesigned Starbucks in Amsterdam using only recycled and local materials. They have also announced further plans to branch out into France in the near future

Starbucks isn’t the only one who’s reinventing their recognizable image. McDonalds and Burger King seem to have similar ideas in regards to artistic cultural expansion.

-Post Written by Intern, Maya Allen

We happen to think this collaboration between artistic design and culture is beyond fabulous!

What are your thoughts? We’d love to know!

See you soon!…


Gallery Night Providence 2012

8 Mar

The 2012 Gallery Night season is slowly approaching, as artists get ready to showcase some of their amazing works on March 15th, and every third Thursday of each month leading up to November. It should be a night filled with great art and excitement throughout the city of Providence, with 6 new galleries joining Gallery Night, totaling to 25 galleries, 5 buses, and 5 guided tours. A night to be remembered for any art connoisseur, as there is expected to be more than just artwork at many of these galleries, some offering free art lessons and music among others! March celebrity guides, Ian Alden Russell and the Big Nazo Puppets will also be coming out to celebrate the art festivities next week.

This event is FREE and will be running from 5-9pm. Tours start at One Regency Plaza and will run every half hour until 7pm.

Support Local Art!

29 Feb

Christopher Belleau     Colette Bazirgan

Love what you see? Come out to the Garden City Center Art Festival on June 9th & 10th at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island to see Christopher Belleau, Colette Bazirgan and tons of other fabulous artists’ work in person!

Join us for beautiful local art work, free kids activities and live entertainment by The Toe Jam Band & The Big Nazo!

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We would love to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors!