Festival Fete’s Young Artist Program

1 Oct

At each event that Festival Fete produces, we donate $2500 in booth space to Young Artists in Grades 1-12 that are interested in getting a taste of what it’s like to sell their art to the community. Many times people tell us that they didn’t even realize that they were in the Young Artist section of the festival because the quality of the work is so good!

danielle and kidsMy own kids have been Festival Fete Young Artists so I can tell you from personal experience that it is an amazing opportunity for a child with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop a product, design their booth display, sell their art and then learn about commerce and business by paying taxes and contributing to a charity (in lieu of their free booth space the young artists are asked to donate 10% of their sales to Art is Smart). It’s a long day for the kids but it’s a great experience!

One of the Young Artists that we have had the pleasure of having at several Festival Fete shows is Sara McCormick, and she will be joining us again for the Wakefield Art Festival this Saturday, October 5th. Sara is a 7th grader in a southern RI public school and her business name is “Seems Legit”. I asked her mother to send me a little background on how Sara got started.

McCormick Sarah Seems LegitSara started making jewelry a few years ago. Her materials included foil, beads and other recycled things found around the house. She used what she had and made beautiful shiny recycled drop earrings. She has always been a crafts person. Coming home from preschool one day she stated ,“ I want to make a phonograph! You know the one with the big horn on it!” After several seconds, I said uh…okay! So the next day, at 5 years old, she went to her preschool with a large box like thing covered in paint, foil and sticks. It was pretty awesome. I don’t know how she knew what an old fashioned phonograph looked like but it became real through her creative fingers. Sara has evolved into a young lady now and has been doing Festival Fete Art shows for several years. She still makes jewelry but now uses silver, crystal beads and incorporates sea glass into her jewelry. Her catch phrase “Seems Legit” has become the name of her new business as a teenager. She is 100% involved in all the creating, marketing, selling and finances for her business.

So when you come to the Wakefield Art Festival this Saturday, stop by Sara’s booth to say hello but also be sure to visit our other entrepreneurial Young Artists:

I Love Junk
Sam’s Unique and Interesting Creations
Molly’s Ducktape Creations
The Sunflower Kids
The Glass Ocean
Seems Legit
Jasper’s Handmade Hacky Sacks, Et Cetera
Kaleigh FitzGerald

If you know a young artist that would be interested in being a part of a Festival Fete show, encourage them to apply by visiting our website. Please note that the booth spaces for Young Artists are full for Wakefield and the 12/8 Holiday Show but they are welcome to apply for future shows!

Wakefield Art Festival

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