Featured Artist: Apiary Designs

27 Aug

Meet Megan Labrecque. She’s the smiling face that you will see when you stop by her booth, Apiary Designs at both the East Greenwich and Wakefield Art Festivals. Megan and her mom make aprons for kids and adults as well as catnip mats, tote bags, buntings/banners and gadget cozies. Please read on to learn more about Apiary Designs and be sure to visit their booth on August 31st in East Greenwich!

LabrequeMeganNancyHow long have you and your mom been in business together?

We started Apiary Designs in 2008.  Nancy had been sewing for many years, and I had some ideas to expand on her existing designs.  We started experimenting, and one of my friends who owned a gift shop in Providence not only encouraged us but began carrying our products!  As our business began to grow, we needed a company name, and since we are busy bees, we became Apiary Designs.

LabrecqueBill2The cheerful fella that is in the booth with you…I assume that’s your husband? You both always have such happy, smiling faces!

My husband Bill is the one in the pink cupcake apron!  It’s a great conversation starter that draws people into the booth, and he always gets a lot of attention – from the ladies who giggle and squeal at him to the men who solemnly shake his hand while simultaneously shaking their heads!  I’m truly grateful for all of Bill’s help and support – Apiary Designs wouldn’t be the same without him.

labrecque2You seem to have a great flair for accessories that kids like, do you have any kids?

We don’t have any children, but we do have two feline kids who are enthusiastic supervisors in the studio – especially when I’m making catnip activity mats.  Nancy can usually get a chuckle out of our customers by pointing out the picture of her “grandcat” Ginger on the catnip activity mats.

What can you tell me about your fabric selections?

???????????????????????????????Brick and mortar fabric stores are increasingly difficult to find!  It’s always preferable to examine the quality and scale of a fabric in person, but most of our fabric is sourced online so we can keep bringing you the unusual prints that have become our trademark.

What’s your work schedule like…do you have a certain time of day that you prefer to sew?

My work schedule is crazy!  Both Nancy and I work full time – together, at our family business – so we fit sewing into our schedules in the evening or on weekends when we don’t have shows.  Bill travels all week for work, so I keep busy when he’s out of town at one of my sewing machines!

???????????????????????????????When we first started, our sewing room was at Nancy’s house – now that Apiary Designs has grown so much, we each have our own studio.  Between the two of us, we have four sewing machines, two sergers, a cover stitch machine, and two super high powered irons.  Believe it or not, ironing is way more time consuming than sewing!

Any hobbies or other interests you’d like to share?

Sewing must be genetic – not only has my mother taught me everything I know about sewing, my paternal grandparents have also contributed to my sewing background.  My Grandma Alice is an accomplished seamstress who has been making me clothes since I was a baby and always had time to sit me down at the serger or sewing machine to keep me busy during summer vacations.  My Grandpa Maynard has taken his background as a math teacher to a whole new level by creating amazing quilts – we’re lucky to have some of his creations to display on our beds and even on our walls!


East Greenwich Art Festival

Wakefield Art Festival


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