Who Doesn’t Love a Little Magic?

25 Aug

Meet the Performer: Eddie Raymond the Magician will be at the East Greenwich Art Festival

If you’ve been to a Festival Fete show, then you may have had the pleasure of meeting our resident magician, Eddie Raymond. When I first met him at the East Greenwich Art Festival last year, I figured he was going to simply entertain my kids with some cool tricks…but in a matter of minutes he had me amazed and cracking up.


Eddie Raymond, the Magician will once again be at the East Greenwich Art Festival this labor day weekend, 8/31 and 9/1. He will be strolling from 12-3 pm on Saturday. Eddie has a really interesting life story, and we are lucky enough to share his story with you today.

ff_060813_0371Tell us a little about how you began your career in magic.

I have been performing magic full time for 23 years. In 1988 I was attending a church in Chicago where I was asked to help with vacation Bible school. I had to work with a dozen kids for 3 days. After the first day I was so nervous I called a magic shop and told them I had $100, I need something colorful and easy to help illustrate Bible lessons. Prior to that, I never really cared for magic. The kids got so excited about the magic tricks, and it did something for me. I started buying gadgets and prop magic, then I decided to practice sleight of hand. I got pretty good fast, won a local contest sponsored by Nabisco and got a contract to work for them for 3 months. People started calling with no advertising or marketing. In just two years time from picking up my first magic trick I quit my job as a baker and jumped in. The business kind of built itself and here I am 23 years later. I have performed in every imaginable venue from kids birthdays to corporate settings, TV campaigns, weddings, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs and many, many others.

ff_060813_0340I understand that you have a pretty big family that keeps you busy and you decided to home school?

I have 7 incredible children. My wife home schooled 6 of them through 8th grade. We started home schooling inspired by friends who shared their experiences with us. Coupled with my working some nights and weekends with my new performing career, it seemed to be the right way to go. I’m extremely happy we chose that route as we have acquired quality family time memories that I will cherish forever. Our family’s faith in God has been the center of our lives. That’s what really keeps it all together.

What do your kids think of your job?

My kids all love what I do, but none of them chose to follow in my footsteps. Maybe that’s a good thing. All of my kids friends love me and think I’m pretty cool.

ff_060813_0338We love having you perform at a Festival Fete show. Can you tell us about your experiences at the festival?

Festival Fete is a very fun place for me to do my thing. I enjoy close up magic because it creates more intimate experiences with my audience. I feel I can entertain a 5 year old, a teenager and a professional person all at the same time. Festival Fete lends itself very well to my strolling comedy and magic.

What are some of the other events you do? And how can our readers contact you if they are interested?

I am literally available for hire at any event. I do back yard cook outs, graduations, weddings, kids parties, adult parties, anniversaries, school assembly or class room shows, I perform weekly at a Pediatric  dentist office in Lexington , grand openings, promotions, fund raisers, there isn’t a venue I can’t add some fun to. My web site is eddieraymond.com. Phone is 978 895 1309.

If you’re planning to come to the East Greenwich Art Festival on Saturday, August 31st, don’t miss your chance to say hello to Eddie Raymond, The Magician!

East Greenwich Art Festival

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