Nature’s Artistry Jewelry Made by a Nature Lover

17 Jul

Linda Popper is an artist who has a unique product in that she is very conservation minded and carries an Eco-friendly message with her jewelry creations.

Popper (11)

Photo by Robyn Ivy

Linda lives in South Windsor, CT and travels extensively between Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Maryland and New Jersey to participate in carefully selected art festivals. Lucky for us, she found Festival Fete online a few years ago and because she enjoys the quality of the experience at a Festival Fete show, she happily returns. She values the face-to-face contact with her customers and the overall experience above all else. She does not sell her jewelry online because each piece is one of a kind and she’s so busy attending shows that she doesn’t have time to manage an online store!

Popper (1)

Linda began designing while employed by Hannoush Jewelers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and she credits that position with giving her the confidence to explore her vision.


Her work celebrates the beauty of the natural world and our obligation to protect it.  She uses sustainable organic resources including farm raised pearl and shell products as well as recycled metals. As a life-long conservationist, Linda was able to fuse her love of nature and responsibility to it with personal expression through wearable art.

Popper (9)

One important aspect of my work is my desire to keep it affordable,  What better way to convey the message of uniqueness and fragility of the environment than to make it reachable by almost everyone?  It was with this intention that I recently added pendants to my collections.  A large statement piece, a small pendant, or something in between can be chosen to exemplify the clients personal style.


This year, I am working more in leather.  Guests at the festival should be sure to stop by and see my collection of one-size-fits-all leather pieces.  It is fun and youthful, but works for any age. Festival Fete treats their vendors better than any place I have been. Thank you!

Popper (5)

You can find Linda at Festival Fete’s East Greenwich Art Festival Aug. 31-Sept.1st from 10am – 5pm daily. For her complete show schedule and more information about her, visit or Natures Artistry on Facebook.

East Greenwich Art Festival

Wakefield Art Festival

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