Tips for Small Businesses Starting a Facebook Page | Social Media for Small Businesses

10 Jul

Are you a small business owner interested in getting more out of Facebook to promote your business? Many of Festival Fete’s artist vendors are independent entrepreneurs and want to spend more of their time making art than promoting and selling, right?

We know this to be true, and since Festival Fete has a reputation for providing additional support and marketing to our network of over 2,000 artists, we thought it might be a great idea for us to partner with a social media expert to bring some valuable business support and advice to our vendors.

Deirdre WeedonThen as luck would have it, in a conversation with my friend Deirdre, I learned that after many years working in social media marketing, she decided to start her own business, Open Click Communications, a social media marketing consulting firm. Perfect timing! So I asked Deirdre to come up with a quick, easy and FREE workshop designed for small business owners. She loved the idea and has graciously planned two different workshop dates to choose from; July 17th or August 21st both classes will be held in Warwick.

Here is an article from Deirdre’s blog where you can learn more: Tips for Small Businesses Starting a Facebook Page | Social Media for Small Businesses.

To see a good example of the effective use of Facebook for business, see Festival Fete on Facebook.  They have a mix of images, relevant information, event promotion, and call to action items.  Their followers are engaged and you can feel it when you’re on their page because it feels like a community. – Deirdre Weedon, Open Click Communications.

Thank you Deirdre!

So…are you a small business owner interested in getting more out of your business Facebook page? Why not sign up for Deirdre’s free workshop on either July 17th or August 21st? Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll send you all the details!

And if you’re an artist interested in participating in a dynamic, entertaining, and popular festival, we still have a few spots available for our upcoming shows – please visit Festival Fete’s website for an application and come see us next at the East Greenwich Art Festival Aug. 31-Sep 1st.

East Greenwich Art Festival

Wakefield Art Festival

Many thanks to our sponsor:

Natural Awakenings


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