EG Art Festival Featured Artist: Restored by Design

3 Jul

Restored by Design is a green artisan business founded in 2010 by Martha Jackson. Martha’s company creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition eco-fashion jewelry and accessories from found bits, bygone parts, collected treasures, factory excesses, a hint of vintage, and a touch of new! All handmade in America in her studio in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Martha says, “Part of the fun is in the quest for the materials, the other is in creating each piece!”


Martha was featured in an article on the Providence Journal blog this past April and she has done a great job helping to promote Festival Fete’s events (thanks Martha!).

Since starting her business in the summer of 2010, Martha and her team have been perfecting some of their signature looks in jewelry including epoxy glazed, and hand painted compressed paper petals, genuine flowers, and eclectic mixes of natural materials and beads. They also create beautiful scarves from a variety of fabric scraps, some are vintage, including lace, buttons, ribbon and more.  And they are happy to custom design, restyle and transform pieces from your previously loved items, including garments!


At Restored by Design, we restore life by design. We have been participating in the StyleWeek Northeast Accessory Showcase for the last 2 seasons, also featured on the runway with Maria Del Carmen’s beautiful collection. We are going forward into the Spring Summer StyleWeek in August and I’m very excited to be collaborating with Jonathan Joseph Peters.


Take at look at some of recent creations by Restored by Design and their interesting process:

The first group are some of our hand painted pieces, one of our specialties, with epoxy resin over compressed paper petals (some made from egg cartons), and are hand painted on cast resin. As you can see I love flowers, and flower shapes!


 The second group of pieces is another example of our signature style; using genuine flower petals. Some are reconstructed into shapes for jewelry, some are pressed, but all are made using a special process where we encapsulate them in epoxy resin! Truly showing nature at its best!


Martha has a full website with links to her online store and a blog where we discusses her artistic process and shares tips on how to use your accessories, and more! Please stop by her booth at Festival Fete’s East Greenwich Art Festival on Aug. 31st and Sept. 1st from 10am – 5pm daily.

East Greenwich Art Festival

Wakefield Art Festival

Many thanks to our sponsor:

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