Art Happenings & Opportunities: 4/18-4/21

18 Apr

Wickford Art Assoc logoDo you love art? (I’m thinking you do if you’re reading this blog) Have you considered volunteering for an art organization? Even a little bit of time can make a huge difference. There was an article in The Business Times that says, “The value of volunteering is much deeper, much more fulfilling and much more important in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community than money can ever measure”.

The Wickford Art Association is holding a volunteer informational meeting on Saturday, April 20th. Consider checking it out!

“Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts.” — Albert Einstein


bullet4/18 – Gallery Night Providence from 5-9pm. There will be an opening at the BankRI Gallery for Garden City Art Festival Artist/Photographer Stephen Spencer. You can read more about Stephen and his photography show in my previous blog post.

Stephen Spencer photography

Stephen Spencer photography

bulletMany consider food to be a form of art, and we fully support festivals so I think this one deserves to be mentioned: The Eat Drink RI Festival is this weekend from 4/19-4/21. Go to the website to see all the delectable possibilities…Gracie’s Grand Brunch…yummm!


Garden City Art Festival 2013

Garden City Art Festival 2013

Festival Fete would like to thank our sponsor:

garden city


One Response to “Art Happenings & Opportunities: 4/18-4/21”

  1. Planet.R April 19, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Thank you for mentioning Gallery night Providence! We really appreciate your support.

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