Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major

16 Apr

We are so excited to feature Rhode Island author and super creative crafter, Elyse Major as a guest blogger today!

Meet Elyse of Tinkered Treasures

Elyse Major

Elyse Major – photo by Marisa Bettencourt

Hi! My name is Elyse and I’m looking forward to having a booth at the Garden City Center Art Festival. I’ll be at the festival selling signed copies of my book, Tinkered Treasures which features more than thirty-five easy-to-make projects to bring charm to the everyday. I also plan to have supplies ready for simple make-and-take projects.

Come visit my booth to get your signed copy of the book!

Come visit my booth to get your signed copy of the book!

My love of making somethings from nothings began in childhood when I’d delight in finding a few sequins, extra buttons, stray bits of yarn or fabric and pads of paper that I would cobble together into things like finger puppets or fashion into little dwellings.

tinkered treasures craft stick house 1

Even though I took art and design classes in college and held creative jobs, it wasn’t until I had my boys that my love of crafting with simple supplies and objects returned. As soon as my sons could grip bottles of glue (two years old?), we were busy building popsicle stick houses and going through colored construction paper like crazy. (Ikea has the best construction paper)

tinkered treasures popbox 1

As the boys grew older we continued to craft together but as their interests shifted to comic books and action figures so did their color choices to rich primary hues while my palette took its own detour to the palest of pastels. Suddenly I found that all of my favorite projects could look very pretty by making a few switches. Even summer camp stalwart the popsicle stick box could become shabby cottage chic with light washes of paint, a scrap of paper and fine traces of glitter.


However, whatever your color or pattern preference, it’s super easy to make the projects shown in your own style with paint and paper changes. In my next blog post, I’ll show you a few examples of how very different my pretty little projects can look.


Happy tinkering! – Elyse

Coming up in BLOG POST 2: Making Projects Your Own

Garden City Art Festival 2013

Garden City Art Festival 2013

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