A Sampling of Garden City Art Festival Artists

12 Apr

We have so many great artists to promote for the Garden City Art Festival! And it’s so much fun to select some great samples of artwork to share with you each week. In this photo collage, clockwise from left: Bev Blitzer Gallery, The Patterned Peacock, Photojoy, and Kristen Aylward.


How excited are you for Festival Fete’s Garden City Art Festival? Tell us – what’s  your favorite item to shop for? Is it the jewelry, handbags, ceramics, photography, furniture…or is it the specialty food or entertainment? For me, it always seems to be the handbags and I can’t wait to see in person these wine totes/handbags by Cindy Arrighi that I first learned about in the Savory Grape Wine Shop newsletter!


Arrighi (6)

Aren’t these stylish handmade bags the perfect gift bag for a bottle of wine? So what do you look forward to discovering at an art festival? Please share your comments with us!

Garden City Art Festival 2013

Garden City Art Festival 2013

Festival Fete thanks our sponsor:



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