Meet the Artist: Elyse Major

9 Apr
Elyse the punk rocker in her pretty space

Elyse the punk rocker in her pretty space

In the next couple of weeks, we will feature guest writer Elyse Major on the Festival Fete blog . Elyse is the mother of two boys, a crafty blogger and an author. I had the pleasure of meeting Elyse last month and I’d love to share with you some of what I found so charming about her and her blog, and the fun ideas that she has to share with her readers.

Elyse recently published a book that showcases her love of crafting (or as she calls it, “tinkering”). The book, Tinkered Treasures, is chock full of ideas and inspiration and was a dream come true for Elyse because she had been writing and sharing her project ideas on her blog for many years, and had always hoped to someday publish it into a book. The book is currently available from Amazon, but Elyse will be at the Garden City Art Festival on June 8th and 9th signing copies of her book that you can purchase at the festival.

Tinkered Treasures "Girlie Studio"

Tinkered Treasures “Girlie Studio”

Her blog is a lovely chronicle of her creativity, her pretty studio space, her travels to Europe to meet her publisher and some really interesting stories about the process of submitting her book proposal and getting the book published. I love when she shares photos of her pretty crafting studio (which she refers to as the “Girlie Office”) not only because it’s such a delight to look at, but also because I think it’s so wonderfully ironic that she lives with two boys and a husband, and has an oasis of femininity to retreat to!

Tinkered Treasures

Tinkered Treasures

During our discussion, we talked about ways to include boys in the crafting process. I couldn’t help but ask if her boys share in her delight for making crafty things, and in fact they do – in their own style. She had some great ideas on how to simply change the theme of the project to be more in line with something our boys might really connect with such as Star Wars characters or comic books. And then we talked about googly eyes, which just seems to make everyone chuckle! In an upcoming post, Elyse will talk about switching out the paper or fabric according to the creator to make it suit your own personal style.

One of my favorite posts on her blog is her “new year’s declarations for 2009” – in which she decides to make it her goal to “Pursue being published for something creative even if it’s kind of out of my league”. She can certainly check that one off the list!

Get your signed copy of the book at the Garden City Art Festival

Get your signed copy of the book at the Garden City Art Festival

Another one of her declarations was to “Transform the Girlie Office into more of a Girlie Studio”


Elyse office2

There is a great article about Elyse the KidoInfo website if you’d like to read more about her. Finally, I’ll leave you with a few samples of her work, and you can look forward to learning more about Elyse’s Tinkered Treasures on our blog and meeting her at the Garden City Art Festival in Cranston on June 8th and 9th.


Garden City Art Festival 2013

Garden City Art Festival 2013

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2 Responses to “Meet the Artist: Elyse Major”

  1. tinkeredtreasures April 9, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    so very appreciative of this incredibly thoughtful post.

    warmest thanks and happy tinkering!



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