Holiday Market Featured Artist: Honey Hive Handcrafts

20 Sep

Take a look at this picture. Do you see a delicious bakery treat? Think again – this is one of Laura Winward’s creations; a confection of color and wax blended with her careful hands into a candle!

Laura has had a passion for soap and candle making for many years and hopes to reach national distribution while keeping her hand in production. Like many artists, her dream is to be able to turn her craft into something she can do full time.  She got started in her business when she went to an art show and met someone who made their own bath and body products. She was intrigued, and interested in expanding her craft of making beeswax candles, so she bought the products and “was hooked on the spot”. Laura used her experience as a research scientist to develop her own unique approach to scent, color and design. “Much like artists who paint, we can all start with the same basic ingredients and come up with products that are completely unique to our own style. I’ve been selling (my products) around RI, MA and CT for better than a decade, and I haven’t seen anyone else doing bakery/food themed candles and bath products similar to mine.” says Winward.

Laura has managed to fuel her passion for her craft and channel it into several businesses – all while maintaining her “day job” as an environmental biologist. In addition to her candle and soap business, Honey Hive Handcrafts, she owns an artists’ co-operative store in Wakefield called Waves of Creation. Her store offers classes and parties for children and adults, and also features the work of other artists of all media, whom Laura considers her inspiration. She appreciates being a part of the soaping community (did you know that there is a Southern New England Soap Makers group?) that is very generous with their knowledge and expertise. When asked if there is a “fun fact” about her that we should know, it was no surprise to hear her say, “I’m addicted to cupcakes – the real ones!” because you can see the love in her creations.

Make sure to visit Laura’s booth at the Festival Fete Holiday Market on Dec. 1st and 2nd at Garden City Center to see these tempting candles. If you are an artist interested in participating in the Festival Fete’s Holiday Market, there are a few booth spaces left. Please visit and click on the link for a vendor application.


A special thank you to one of our wonderful sponsors, Whole Foods Market of Garden City, Cranston.


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