Pow! Science!

17 Jul

Only one day away from the season’s final Newport Hullabaloo!

Come out to the Newport Yachting Center at sunset (5:30-9pm) and join Festival Fete for live local entertainment, arts and much more!

Pow! Science! Will be there! Will you?

Pow! Science! started out in 2003 providing “Science Enrichment” to elementary and middle school aged kids through their unique hands on approach to the world of science. The team has since expanded from the days of working solely in school programs or at birthday parties. Pow! Science! can now be found at “almost any sort of venue where kids can be entertained and enlightened by science oriented activities!”
The Pow! Science! team is comprised of a number of science professionals who hold, or are working toward, degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Geology and Marine Science. One thing the team has in common is the desire to incorporate the audience into each and every experiment they conduct!
Pow! Science! has 13 different Classroom Science Presentations and 9 Birthday Party themes
If you attended last week’s Hullabaloo, we are sure you remember the Hotwheels/Blu Track set-up!
“Incidentally, “Pow!” is not an acronym. It’s just like the sound effect from the old Batman show in the 60s. If an experiment doesn’t have enough “Pow!” we won’t do it.” -Eric B., Pow! Science!
Check out Pow! Science! and purchase tons of cool science tools you can use on your own!
You won’t want to miss these guys, along with our other fabulous performers at the LAST Hullabaloo of the Season!
What’s next?
Coming Soon…

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