Up Next: Newport Hullabalo

20 Jun

After a great run at the Garden City Center Art Festival in Cranston, Festival Fete is back in action!

Up Next: Newport Hullabaloo!

The Newport Hullabaloo will be occurring Wednesday evenings in June & July in Newport, Rhode Island beginning next week June 27th at sunset (5:30PM-9:30PM) followed by repeat occurrences on July 11& July 18

The Newport Hullabaloo is FREE to the public. Come out next week to see what all the fuss is about!

We welcome you to learn about some of our featured Newport Hullabaloo artists…

Mary King is just one that will be performing at the Newport Hullabaloo on June 27th!

We asked Mary a series of questions regarding her work and here’s what we learned…

Who or what is the main inspiration behind your work?
When the fiddle or harp are ‘playing something new’ or ‘writing’ I am just there, they know what they want to say & will do what they will. I would have to say the main inspiration behind my work must be spiritually centered, I love music & it is alive in me for some reason, I don’t know why.

Was there a particular instance that helped you to realize your love for the arts?
I suppose hearing my mother from ‘Donegal sing all her beautiful songs the time I was growing up helped me realize the love of music I was given.

What is the medium/genre you enjoy working with the most?
Music, writing poetry.

In what way do you hope your art form in general will affect the world?
I like to think that I bring people together in a happy way, I alway include people in my playing, whether it be singing along or joining in with percussion.

Who is your favorite artist/performer and why?
My favorite artist is Phil Edmunds, Irish whistle player & button accordian player because he plays with all his heart & soul & is so welcoming to all.

Tell us something you feel makes your personal art form truly unique
Irish people can never say what makes them truly unique, that would be like saying, “I’m great, I’m special” & that would mean you are full of yourself which is probably a big sin (hahah).

If Mary were to create & answer her own question…

Why do the arts exist?

So we can live in heaven while we are on earth.

Learn more about Mary by visiting her online

And make sure to see her perform live at the Newport Hullabaloo in Newport, Rhode Island at the Newport Yachting Center on Wednesday June 27th at 5:30PM


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