The Rolling Gallery

10 May

“Feeling  weighted down and stuck, wrapped up in a pile of stuff, I felt a great urge to  start fresh, to shed an old identity, and to carve an opening for something new  to enter. If all of my attachments and fears could be bound up into one giant  ball and then rolled out into the world, I would have no choice but to both let  go and follow. It would be a figurative cutting of the umbilicus, allowing me  to extend out of my insular and safe womb and into the world.”

These are the words of Artist, Heidi Reynolds in her introduction to her ever-popular Rolling Gallery

The Rolling Gallery spawned from an idea that one could re-connect with others through the removal of uncessary objects, ideas, fantasies and faults

While the ball started rolling with Heidi, she promptly invited friends and family to unleash into the ball as well, making it grow immense in size

Join artist, Heidi Reynolds at Union Square, Sommerville on May 12th from 12PM-3PM to contribute to and view the Rolling Gallery project

Bring art, art materials, mementos, and personal artifacts… Or simply listen to stories of recent contributors, see photographs of artwork already inside the ball, and watch the Rolling Gallery – a 4-foot tall ball – grow and grow

Learn more about The Rolling Gallery and check out ways you can get involved today!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Big thanks to our sponsors!


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