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31 Mar

Recently, a number of leading foundations including Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential and Rasmuson have taken a stand in the fight to support the art world. In September of 2005, these foundations founded United States Artists, spawning the creation of USA Projects, “a creative community that connects people with artists and helps them to make tax-deductible contributions to projects in the performing, visual, media and literary arts.”

Sue McNally plays a vital role with her contribution to the USA Projects. Her individual project, This Land is My Land, has been extremely successful. For over 20 years, Sue has been traveling throughout the United States, creating large scale paintings of various American landscapes, capturing small towns, remote areas and even big cities.

 “I feel most comfortable in the quiet of the wilderness and have a deep admiration for nature, its strength and its beauty; my work is inspired by the land and the introspection that accompanies me when spending time in nature.”-Sue McNally

Get involved today. Read more about United States Artists and in particular, Sue’s USA Project, This Land is My Land today

Looking forward to seeing you at the Garden City Center Art Festival on June 9th & 10th in Cranston, Rhode Island!

Big thanks to our wonderful sponsors!


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