How Will YOU Integrate Art into Your Life this Weekend?

10 Feb

We have an idea!!

Anyone in the NYC area this weekend? If so, we have some great suggestions for you to get your hands dirty in the art world.

The MoMA is currently putting on some pretty fabulous art exhibitions that are definitely worth checking out

It’s likely that even if you are not heavily involved in the art world, you have heard the name Diego Rivera, prominent Mexican painter who flourished throughout the 1920’s-1930’s with his extremely controversial and political artwork

In fact, in 1931 Rivera was asked by The MoMA to create a mural within their museum walls. He was given a large studio space where he would create several memorable murals regarding Mexican subject matter and in particular those issues surrounding revolution and class inequity. You can read more about this at…

Fortunately for those of us unable to view these murals in the 1930’s…MoMA is currently holding an exhibition which compiles works made during Rivera’s former project

If you happen to be in the area, head on into the MoMA and get your daily fix of art work. Can’t make it this weekend? Have no fear! Rivera’s exhibition will run through May 14th.

If Diego Rivera isn’t for you, the MoMA is also currently offering their ongoing Figure in the Garden Exhibition.

This particular exhibition features 9 life-sized sculptures depicting prominent figures from the 19th century. Here’s a little preview..

However, we highly suggest reading all about this popular ongoing exhibit by visiting MoMA’s website

These two exhibitions are only examples of what the MoMA is currently offering. With the array of artwork being displayed, there is bound to be something for everyone! Make sure to visit their official website to check out all existing exhibitions. Time to take that weekend vacay to NYC you’ve been thinking about. No time but the present!

While we’re on the subject of FABULOUS art, we’d love to remind you to bring the family and come join Festival Fete, tons of local artists, The Big Nazo and The Toe Jam Band at the Garden City Center Art Festival on June 9th & 10th, 10am-5pm Daily at the Garden City Center in Cranston, RI!

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