Nancy Rafi

2 Nov
Her Favorite artist:
She loves Teesha Moore and Anahata Katkin, but her favorite artist is Brian Andreas. She loves the simplicity of his StoryPeople artwork because of the use of bright colors and the whimsical and expressive faces. Nancy had the very good fortune to meet Brian when he was in Newport, and through a social service agency that she worked with they collaborated on his creation of an original piece of art for that agency. The most important advice he gave her? “Never be afraid to be different from other people and don’t expect people to understand your art. As long as it comes from your heart, you’ll know you’re on the right path.”
Starting as an artist:
Nancy has been an artist her whole life. In grade school, she was always taking apart objects and making something new with them, like sculptures, dolls, clothing and exploring collage, which is called mixed media now.  She’s been ripping up paper and gluing it back together for decades!

The first show:
The first time Nancy showed her artwork publicly was at the East Greenwich Festival Fete show.  She was nervous about what kind of reaction she would since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It turned out that many were impressed with her art.  Several people asked to look at her portfolio and were interested in purchasing some of her original work that she did not bring to the show. Nancy is also attending the Holiday Market with us during the Thanksgiving weekend on November 25th and 26th.  We are looking forward to see her and her amazing work at the show!

Nancy is inspired by everything. She lives by the beach and loves to walk up and down along the shore to get ideas. If the weather is not good, she will surf some blogs and favorite artists’ websites.  For color inspiration she loves to look at fashion magazines upside down – just to get ideas on mixing colors and new trends.  Inspiration comes from everywhere!

Art in her Life:

After leaving her corporate job two years ago, it was difficult to get back into the job market. Nancy’s husband encouraged her to explore her art and try to find a way to make it a bigger part of her life. He even turned one of their spare bedrooms into an art studio for her! Now she teaches art journaling classes in her home studio, and she’ll be teaching for the North Kingstown Council for the Arts in the spring. She has started selling her line of blank art journals and fun note cards with her artwork under the name of Gypsy Girl at

visit more on Nancy’s work at:

 ! Come support Nancy at the Holiday Market !

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The Holiday Market will include over 125 Contemporary American Art and Craft artisans.

Countdown till the Holiday Market!!!

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