Deb Terilli

29 Oct

Deb Terilli

is the owner designer of Deb’s Designs. Deb is also a nurse by profession at a local hospital. Three years ago, she started to make jewelry for herself and many of her co-workers. Making jewelry helps her relax from stressful day at work. It soon became her passion in designing jewelry.

Her handmade jewelry combine variety of gemstones, silver, copper and natural stones beads to make bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, eye glass holder, zipper pulls and earrings.

She works on projects in her home studio and truly enjoys designing original pieces that are unique and functional.

“I hope you love my work as much as I love making it!”-Deb Terilli

Fun fact about Deb:

  • She lives in West Greenwich, R.I.
  • She loves spending time with her husband, dog, and kitty.

Visit more on Deb’s Designs at Http://

Deb Terilli is going to be in the Holiday Market with us in the Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Festival Fete would like to thank our sponsor:Alex and Ani

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The Holiday Market will include over 125 Contemporary American Art and Craft artisans.

Come visit us on the Thanks giving Weekend!!!

The Holiday Market is proud to be sponsored by Whole Foods MarketRhode Island MonthlyNatural AwakeningsCat CountryYelp,Roger Williams Park ZooCardi’s FurnitureRobin Ivy Photography,  Alex and AniProvidence Roller Derby and Balise Auto.


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