Ugh or Yay?

9 Oct

Ugh or Yay was born out of the daily routine of Damien Edsall and his wife text messaging both the trials and tribulations, and the joys and successes of their days to one another.  And as you well know, every given day brings its fair amount of both these moments.   


Find a phrase that fits how YOU feel right here at Ugh or Yay Apparel. Shop from the collection of funny and relevant phrases customized onto their awesome apparel! It’s apparel that’s got you covered, no matter which way you feel!

Ugh or Yay is apparel that allows you the opportunity to share these two opposite moods through its unique words and phrases that are sure to resonate with you!  So whether you’re having an Ugh kind of morning or an afternoon filled with Yay, share it right here at the one place that allows you to choose how you’re feeling… and then wear it too!

The Ugh or Yay mission is to allow people the opportunity to vent the Ugh and celebrate the Yay moments that happen randomly throughout the day.

At most apparel brand sites you find a design you adore only to be forced to buy it in a color you would never wear or it’s on a shirt you just know won’t fit you right. Ugh. That stinks.

Ugh or Yay is about choosing how you feel; and one of the benefits of purchasing Ugh or Yay apparel is getting to choose just how you want to display your mood to the world!  So in addition to choosing a phrase that fits how you feel, you also have the ability to customize your phrase! Choose from among a mens tee, or a more fitted ladies tee. Choose from five perfect colors that fit the mood you’re in: five gloomy “Ugh” colors, and five bright “Yay!” colors.  Choose your mood. Choose your phrase. Choose your shirt. Choose your color.  Yay! Choice!  In addition to this, choose from amongst Ugh or Yay’s “core” phrases; our ones that people seem to gravitate toward the most. Or you can choose from our “Phrases On Demand”.  Here’s the catch: the “Phrases On Demand” are constantly being swapped in and out of the phrase rotation. So if you find one that fits, you better act now; maybe it sticks around for awhile – or maybe it’s gone next week! Ugh. Urgency. Yay! Carpe Diem!

Ugh or Yay. How Do You Feel?


Mark your calendars!! Festival Fete’s next festival – The Holiday Market Friday November 25 &  Saturday November 26, 2011!!!


The Holiday Market is proud to be sponsored by Whole Foods Market, Rhode Island Monthly, Natural Awakenings, Cat Country, Yelp, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Cardi’s Furniture, Robin Ivy Photography, and Project Undercover.



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