Express and Capture

7 Oct
Chris Tanner was reared in suburban Georgia.  His passion for photography was initiated during his first proper vacation, whereby he flew in his first flight and visited San Francisco.  The city left Chris with a beautiful impression, and it was this beauty that he tried to capture with the camera.  
Ever since then, Chris’ love for photography has grown, and he has been actively exploring and photographing as many exciting places, situations, and events as possible.  During the past 7 years, Chris has flown over 150 times, lived in numerous cities across the United States, and has visited countries including Indonesia, Kenya, and Tanzania.  His thirst for the art has continued, and he immensely enjoys the pursuit of trying to convey to others the wondrous journeys and experiences from throughout the world.

Interesting fact: This month, Chris went camping, which he is almost completely new at.  It was in Kenya & Tanzania on a solo trip.  Notable highlight: zebra stampede through his village’s campsite at 3am.

Visit Chris’s website at– it even has the recent pics from Africa!!!
Tips for aspiring photographers: read the camera’s manual and take time to learn every feature of the camera.  Take tons of photos, but try to think ahead of time about what you’re trying to express and capture.
Mark your calendars!! Festival Fete’s next festival – The Holiday Market Friday November 25 &  Saturday November 26, 2011!!!

The Holiday Market is proud to be sponsored by Whole Foods Market, Rhode Island Monthly, Natural Awakenings, Cat Country, Yelp, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Cardi’s Furniture, Robin Ivy Photography, and Project Undercover.


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