The genuine gemstones of Sheley Calypso

28 Sep

Sheley Calypso is the one woman workings of Sheley Jaggar, a dreamer and sojourner. Since childhood, She has dreamed of a life more exotic and more glamorous. Sheley spent most of her young years in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where her curiosity for other cultures grew and was nurtured, with her high school hosting over 40 different nationalities at the time. After graduating from college with a degree in Intercultural Studies, and having visited several countries in Asia, Sheley became certified to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and moved to Indonesia, where she lived for two years and worked as a teacher.  

Indonesia brought that sense of the exotic that had always called to Sheley’s heart. The archipelago contained such beauty with its mystery and allure. Jakarta was bustling and even more lively than New York city, spotted with motorbikes, street vendors, and food carts. The natural wonders of the country were astonishing, from pristine beaches in Bali,to the smoke-filled volcanoes of Java. The people, warm and inviting, adorned in once vibrant hues, now well-warn. As Calypso of mythology called to sailors on the sea, Indonesia called to Sheley from great distances and inspired what is now Sheley Calypso.
Sheley has been making jewelry for the past five years, since her fateful visit to the bead and silver markets in Bali. She has imported many of her supplies directly from craftspeople in Bali, and continued to stay true to a style representative to the vibe of this tantalizing and unpredictable paradise. Sheley mixes color and texture in a way that it truly unique to her own line. Bright colors are muted with baroque pearls, Large faceted gemstones stand alone, or are pronounced by hidden contrast of color in an unexpected color. Handmade sterling silver crafted in Bali and India is used to finish every piece. 
Although Indonesia and South East Asia has been Sheley’s biggest influence, she has also spent significant time in India. These days, she is enjoying keeping a creative eye open at home in Boston where she is an administrator at an English language school for adult international students. 
Sheley Calypso’s trademarks are large faceted genuine gemstones accentuated by pearls and Swarovski crystals. Natural flower components on short length necklaces, and chunky bracelets are show stopping another of Sheley’s fortes. Expect to see uncommon, exotic color palates expressed through various textured gemstone beads. 

Festival Fete will be at HarborFest,  THIS WEEKEND October 1 & 2, 2011!!  Come check it out and support Sheley Calypso and all of the other local artists and vendors!!!


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