Fabulous Fete Giveaway!

20 Sep

Congratulations!!! Maria Pratt, you are this week’s Festival Fete Artist Giveaway Program Winner!!! You have won a bead from Mimi Huszer Fagnant of The Lilac Wind Art Glass. 

The bead is, of course, one Mimi has formed on a propane and oxygen torch from glass rods. It is then annealed in a computer programed kiln for strength and durability. Mimi will core the bead with a sterling tube and sterling endcaps. The tubing is flared around the endacps , keeping the whole thing together with out glue.  The bead is given with a non sterling chain.  The winner has the option of using the bead as is or transfering it to their own sterling chain, as well as the choice of flower color!

Please stay tuned until next Tuesday for a new giveaway!

Check out the video from our last fetival, The East Greenwich Art Festival, which was a HUGE success!

If you missed out, you can always come to out to the next festival!! :]

Festival Fete will be at HarborFest,  October 1 & 2, 2011!!  Come check it out!!


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