My Little Spunky

20 Aug

My Little Spunky is personalized jewelry that is meant to inspire, touch, share, and bond us. Each charm brings comfort, reinforces our special relationships, and provides a loving reminder of the bonds we share.

Each My Little Spunky charm is more personalized than any other because each is an original – a one of a kind! While one side of the charm is imprinted with a design of your choice, the other side is sealed with a fingerprint touch by you or a loved one, making each personalized keepsake as unique as the fingerprint it replicates.

Unique charm options offer messages of love, peace, hope, joy, inspiration, faith, beauty, happiness, or strength to someone special. It is a personalized gift to capture and celebrate so many cherished moments in time.

Little Spunky is the one and only Susie Kelly DeGregory, a spirited girl from Chicago, currently living a great big spunky life in the little state of R.I.!

Little Spunky, a natural nickname branded by her dad, came from being the youngest and only girl, striving to keep up with three older brothers, and losing her mom to breast cancer at age six. Susie believes it shaped who she became – finding inner strength, choosing optimism amidst challenging times, and seeing the light in life over the dark. Hence, the inner gift of spunk!

Combining her spunkiness with a passion for jewelry created a way for her to be able to share and spread this gift with others. It’s jewelry with your own personal meaning and your emotion attached! 

Come out and support My Little Spunky and all of your local artists and vendors at The East Greenwich Art Festival Saturday, September 3, 2011!!!


The East Greenwich Art Festival is proud to be sponsered by Whole Foods, RI Monthly, Natural Awakenings, Cat Country-WCTK, Yelp, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Cardi’s Furniture, Robyn Ivy Photography, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, DeLuca + Weizenbaum Attorneys at Law, Rhode Island Medical Imaging, Summer Arts and Festival Organization, Coastal Medical, Aim High Academy, and South County Hospital Medical & Wellness Center.


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