Captured Stories

21 Jul

Captured Stories – Lisa Linard

Lisa’s interest in photography started further back than she could ever remember.  The only proof is in a picture of her at age 5 or so, proudly holding a Kodak Instamatic camera.

Born in Ohio and growing up in a fairly contained world, Lisa’s favorite subjects were her pets, friends, and the trees in the back yard. She took photography classes in high school and when most kids were out partying. Lisa worked part-time jobs to pay for her photo habit. Santa filled Christmas stockings with Kodachrome film, while her mom folded laundry around Lisa’s enlarger and boxes of photo paper.

After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Advertising, Lisa decided to turn her creative energy toward graphic design. It was an enjoyable and challenging diversion, but when digital cameras became affordable, her love for photography returned with a vengeance!

In the past decade, Lisa has been lucky to have traveled to some beautiful places and encountered some beautiful people, and both her world and her work have grown in ways never imaginable. She can only hope that the essence and spirit of these locales and cultures have been captured, and that her photos will inspire others to explore them as well.

After this, her first year doing photography professionally, Lisa realized that it was a thousand times more satisfying than anticipated! Her absolute favorite part of the work is meeting people and hearing their stories, especially when people say how the “Independent Goat” relates to their lives or when their eyes light up when they see the “Happy Bulldog.”

Since most of her work is travel photography, it often inspires people to share their own travels. So much can be learned about the world just from talking to people, and Lisa’s bucket list of places to see is now as long as her arm! 

You can view Lisa’s portfolio on the website

Also check out her Facebook page!

Some fun facts about Lisa. Her favorite photos are of the ones with her brother when we were kids. Aside from how much fun they always had, the tiny details in these pictures bring back tons of memories…like the plastic fruit grandmother always had on the coffee table (oh how Lisa wanted to eat those grapes!), the beautiful Dorothy Hamill haircut, the cherished toys, favorite dress, the hideous 70s couch.  This is why Lisa captures moments that tell stories, rather than just “pictures.”

Websites she loves:,,,  

Leaving you with some aspiring thoughts…

Thinking of becoming a professional artist? Just do it! But wait till your heart is in it. If you don’t feel passionate about your work and aren’t willing or able to put in the time is takes to run a small business —  because that’s what being a professional artist is — you’ll burn out quickly.

If you’re not quite ready, devote a little bit of time every week to think about your next step, and write down your thoughts. And don’t work in a vacuum. Talk to other artists and ask for guidance (the arts & crafts community is incredibly generous with advice). Join a Facebook group like the Crafty Friends Network and read websites like

Collect enough information and eventually you can turn it into a plan. When the time is right, you’ll be ready to make your move. Then throw every bit of your heart and soul into it. When people see that you’re passionate about your work, your work becomes interesting to them, and when people are interested in your work, you become more passionate about it. It’s a wonderful cycle of inspiration!

We are looking forward to our next festival, The City Art Festival on August 6, 2011, where you can see Lisa’s beatifully captured moments!!

The City Art Festival is proud to be sponsered by Webster Bank along with City of Providnce, Cardi’s Furniture, RI MonthlyWhole FoodsNatural Awakenings, Yelp and Cat Country-WCTK.


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