For the Love of Glass

14 Jul

For the Love of Glass – Kyle Reslow

Kyle Reslow graduated cum laude from the University of Rhode Island in May of 2003 with a double major in philosophy and English with every intention of writing. He had a one act play completed as a senior thesis and planned on shopping it around and spending a good deal of time in front of computer writing more dialogue and prose. That summer Kyle happened upon a job blowing glass. With no previous experience, he thought it would be a fun “after graduation” job. After learning the craft in the workplace and working with the medium, it was love. Since then, he has been soaking up as much knowledge as possible, and showing his work throughout New England.

Glass is physical and the act of being physically involved in artistic creativity strongly attracted Kyle to the hot shop. So did the object itself: glass. Whether in the annealing oven or in the bucket, the product of a day’s work, the slick smooth, the mottled and bumped, the mirrored and brilliant, the deadly sharp, or the bubbly crackled–the medium–glass jars him. To Kyle, potential lies in each gather of molten glass–clear or loaded with color–a new avenue of expression opens: the tactile and the visual. Texture has always figured strongly into his aesthetic and life. Whether it be art, clothing, or food choices, the eye looks for that to be felt, his hand reaches to touch. Glass combines the “to be seen” with the “to be touched” in a unique way that is like no other art form. The physicality of the process is captured by the object itself and stands alongside the pattern, color, utility, and form creating an art object to be handled and explored with eyes and hands.

This dual experience of glass appreciation makes the medium instantly accessible. Judgment begins immediately working on the formal qualities of the piece: color, form, texture, utility. The object, regardless of functionality, is sculptural and striking and begins with the aesthetic response. This may be enough, but there is more. The object, formed with meaning and backed conceptually discloses worldview and truth. In the hot shop, and in working with glass in general, concept and execution are tightly intertwined. Craftsmanship, intellectual investigation, and inspiration work as a team. These are the pillars of Kyle’s artistic platform.

Kyle became a proud father to a baby boy last year on Memorial Day! With his wife, Kyle loves to go out to see live music, but with a son it can be challenging.  Here is to hoping that someday that will happen again, and much more frequently 🙂  They spend a good deal of time with friends in Portland, Maine.  Guitar and Frisbee are a few of his favorite hobbies.

A few tips for the aspiring artist. Eat your vitamins and stay in school.  Drink plenty of water.  Really, the water one is serious.

Check out Kyle’s web places – and

Also, here is a pretty fabulous video of Kyle doing what he does best, making a pilsner!!

We are looking forward to our next festival, The City Art Festival on August 6, 2011!! 

You can see and even purchase  Kyle’s gorgeous glass pieces, so come on out! :] 

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The City Art Festival is proud to be sponsered by Webster Bank along with City of Providnce, Cardi’s Furniture, RI MonthlyWhole FoodsNatural Awakenings, Yelp and Cat Country-WCTK.

Check out The City Art Festival video to see the fabulous artists and vendors who will be at the show! :]


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