Big Nazo!

22 Jun


BIG NAZO is an international performance group comprised of visual artists, puppet performers, and masked musicians.  They unite in order to create bizarre and hilarious larger-than-life sized characters, environments, and spectacles.

When Big Nazo makes thier spectacular appearance you will be sure to encounter one of their many characters. From the Renegade circus family contortionists to a rowdy rodeo horse,  to a giant three-eyed robot percussionist and break-dancing police officers, Mountain Trolls and blob-like GO-GO Dancers, to a charismatic lab rat and his giant man-eating chia pet, just to name a few.  The characters, environments, and spectacles all belend together perfectly to create this irreverent musical Commedia full of irresolvable conflict, ridiculous dancing and an epic battle with the forces of chaos.

Their innovative mask and puppetry techniques are uniquely combined with stand-up comedy, Sci-Fi, Go-Go dancing, daredevil stunts, soap opera hysterics and professional wrestling.  They add in live rock and funk music and audience-interactive improvisation.

Big Nazo just recently opened a new downtown storefront NAZ0 LAB at #25 Fulton Street which is located across from the Providence City Hall. The NAZ0 LAB serves as an exhibition space, a creature-building workshop and community interface. Come check it out!! Visitors of all shapes and sizes welcome!!

A taste of Big Nazo – BIG NAZO LAB DEMO 2010

If you would like to get the full experience of Big Nazo up close and in person, come to The City Art Festival on August 6, 2011!!  Join in the fun with over 100 artists, festive food, and of course, the magical Big Nazo!

And we are still accepting applications until 7/5. Sign up here!

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The City Art Festival is proud to be sponsered by Webster Bank along with City of Providnce, Cardi’s Furniture, RI MonthlyWhole FoodsNatural Awakenings, Yelp and Cat Country-WCTK.


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