Sea Glass Journal

10 Jun

Sea Glass JournalGary de Blois

Gary de Blois is a graphic designer, amateur photographer, budding jewelry maker, and a lifelong beachcomber. His sea glass collecting hobby weaves together all these passions.

Photo: Bermuda has many small pockets of coastline, including little caves, that you will often find sea glass. Some of the sea glass can be very 
old, dating from the 1800 or 1700s.

In his youth, Gary began sea glass collecting while spending summers on the coast.  This is where his passion for beachcombing began. Those zen moments spent strolling the beach, enjoying the sights, sounds and scent of the ocean… ahhhh… tonic for the soul. Finding sea glass, in its myriad of shapes and colors, was like treasure hunting to Gary. At days end, these beachy gems were brought home, and placed in jars as keepsakes, colorful reminders of all the fun times spent playing in the sand.

Now, he explores the coastal regions of the US as well as the world for sea glass, collecting it, photographing it and making jewelry and other whimsical objects with it. Only the most genuine sea glass is used, collected by Gary himself or his sea glass collecting cohorts. He works with sea glass as it is found, never grinding or reshaping the glass, only occasionally drilling as required. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind, sea glass pendant, earring pair, etc.

Photo: Glass Beach, in Fort Bragg, California, was once the town dump. 
Forunately they stopped in 1969 and now it is a destination for sea 
glass collectors. At times the beach is covered with so much glass 
that you can’t see the sand.

What always gives Gary a chuckle is when he comes across someone on the beach asking what he is doing and who has never heard of sea glass. He explains that it starts out as refuse, broken glass from bottles, tableware, etc, cast into the ocean after it has outlived its usefulness. Over time, and the longer the better he expound, the sand and surf condition the broken shards smooth, with an overall frosty surface. Also, explaining that some colors are rarer to find than others. Red and cobalt blue gems are highly desired by the sea glass hunter. A nod of understanding and a thank you is received for the explanation. And as they walk away… their eyes are now cast down, scanning the surface of the beach, looking for a shard that they, only a minute ago, would have probably walked blissfully by! As he or she walks away there is often a shouted reminder from Gary to “look up every once in awhile and enjoy the beauty of the coast!”

Photo: Here are some of the spoils of a short hunt on the island of Vieques, 
Puerto Rico.

Gary enjoys  the types of activities associated with the coast including bodysurfing, snorkeling and windsurfing. But also finds pleasure in hiking. Mt Washington in the Northeast as well as Sedona and the Grand Canyon in the West provide wonderful vistas that transform him into a photo-taking fool.

You can always find Gary cooking on the grill, even in the winter. One of his favorite meals is grilled chicken Caesar salad. This is a simple and tasty meal that is quick to prepare. Marinate the chicken breasts in Newman’s Caesar Salad Dressing for 1/2 hour, poking holes in the chicken with a fork. Newman’s is the best bottled dressing in my opinion. Grill chicken to desired tenderness then let sit, allowing the juices to redistribute before cutting. In the meantime prepare the salad with Romaine, cherry tomatoes, your favorite croutons and toss with a little more salad dressing. Add the cut chicken and top with some freshly grated parmesan. TIP: the juices from the chicken left on the plate after cutting 
should be added to the salad also.

Check out Gary’s online magazine for sea glass collectors at and his Etsy store for sea glass jewelry at

Photo: Gary works with the sea glass as it is found, resulting in a unique, one-
of-a-kind, piece of jewelry.

And some tips and ideas to leave with!

Tips to artists – Don’t spend your life avoiding a risk. Take a chance! No worthwhile endeavor is without unpredictability. Remember, it’s not failure, just experience. Craft ideas – Place some sea glass in a jar and place in front of a sunlit window or used as a center piece. Your may also want to add some sand and seashells. Also, sea glass glued to picture frames or the frames of mirrors along with sea shells and driftwood are a fun project.


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  1. Chrissy April 1, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Gary, do you have a storefront where you sell the jewelry?


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