Botanical Beauties and Beasties

6 Jun

Liz Carren: Botanical Beauties and Beasties


 The purpose of the Botanicals is to educate and spread the message of “green.” Eco Awareness, and Eco Education.  The hope of the Botanicals is to get into the hearts of minds of the public, and to make you smile and feel good when you look at them. The mantra of the land is Environmental Consciousness and “living green.” Botanical Beauties and Beasties are Eco Conscious Whimsical Creatures promoting a sustainable earth.

What you will see in the Botanical Beauties and Beasties is a love of art, illustration, flowers, horticultural and whimsy.  Liz has been involved with all these components since the early ‘80s.  She thoroughly enjoys maintaining the integrity of the literal image using new digital tools to move directly to interpretive imaging. Liz’s desire is to simply enhance and/or recreate reality. In this case recreated reality equals the Community of Botaniumus.

Liz’s background is in art and design as far back as she can remember.  She was painting at a young age with her grandmother, as well as going to museums and events with her future PHD Art Historians Sister and Mom.  Then it was that time to grow up a bit and Liz attended Ithaca College, School of Communications and received a Bachelor of Science in Cinema Studies and Photography.

With an appetite for adventure and travel, she furthered her studies in London at the International Film School, in Covent Garden, London.  There she received another diploma.  Upon returning to the States, Liz knew that she needed to work and so she started her own business as an Interior Design Large Format Photographer.  After a while, she went back to school again, this time in Landscape Design. Over the next 15 years, Liz pursued design as an Exhibit Designer, an Interior and Exterior Planting Designer, and as a traditional Graphic Designer.

Beasty or Beauty is surely in the eye and mind of the beholder! Liz hopes you find them all fun, intriguing, dignified and enchanting.  Each creature is an original image.  Liz hopes you will be draw into and delighted by the community that has taken over her heart. Begun as a playful whim this art has captured her and begs for more and more and that’s completely OK with her!  It is a joy for Liz to fuse her love of photography, gardens and digital imaging all into one place.  Her eyes and the camera lens capture the broad to the microscopic. The message is clear to Liz . Pay Attention!   Little details DO matter – in ones’ own life and in the environment.

Some of Liz’s favorite places are, pretty much anywhere in Maine, on The Chesapeake Bay, any where there is oceanfront and waves can be seen and/or heard, and right at home with her husband and dogs. 

Words from Liz for all you aspiring artists: “Find a vision, have passion, have patience, work very hard, dream the biggest you can and go forward!”

Check out the beauties and beasties at

Make sure to support Botanical Beauties and Beasties and your other local artists by coming out to the Garden City Center Art Festival on June 11, 2011!

5 DAYS AWAY!! Take a look at the artists that will be at the festival!

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Festival Fete at Garden City Center is proud to be sponsored by Presenting Sponsor, Webster Bank along with RI MonthlyWhole Foods Market of CranstonNatural AwakeningsGarden City CenterRobyn Ivy PhotographyCat Country-WCTK and Ameriprise Financial.


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